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IIts been a while since I posted on the blog… Bad bad Maria ( I know).  I had a great time in London Fashion Week last week…but boy, Fashion week is exhausting! you are constantly going from meeting to meeting, from show to show all across day is fun and fabulous, but doing that  several weeks in a row takes a toll on you. eeeeek!

I took a little trip to Norway this week.  This is my place of “peace” where I escape to when life gets too hectic and I just need a little kick from nature to recharge and reconnect with myself.  One of my fav. things to do when Im in Oslo is go check out whats new in the stores… lets face it… Scandinavians are some of the most well-dressed (and best looking) people in the world. They are experts at making an outfit look like ‘all this’ just happened without any effort. (#goals)

Im in love with their minimalistic and timeless approach to fashion.

Wearing Danish brand: Ørgreen Yoko sunglasses here 

Winter jacket by Colmar

Chanel In Seoul Backpack Large (See my youtube review video here)


I fell in love with the Kiini bikinis on Instagram. Through the filtered vacation photos of style-savvy girls pictured on sandy beaches, I became obsessed and finally bought one of my own and wore it this weekend in Miami. Let me explain to you just  how cool this bikini is. The Kiini embodies all that’s cool about “boho luxe” beach styling, it comes in some jaw-dropping colours, and ultimately, looks pretty amazing.


There’s no denying this two-piece is  teeny weeny and not for the faint of heart.  The bottoms are cut to emphasise the bum (I love that!) and the top is mini, but the fabric and shape is soooo cleverly designed to fit perfectly and push up, as a result is pretty damn figure flattering.  The bikini fits like a glove!

The NY-based company making  this bikinis makes them by using  using handmade crochet, elastic and other high tech fabrics. They have no buttons, ties or clasps making their fit the most comfortable. The bright crochet is eye-catching and its so different from all the swimsuits girls usually have.


Maybe you don’t know it yet, but this could very well be the best bikini you’ll ever buy. I really do believe the brand when it says: “[these suits] unleash superpowers such as supreme positivity.”  Shop it before it flies off the shelves this season.

Kiini Bikini in yellow here (more styles here)




If you’d ask me at any point after 2009 if I thought cardigans would make a comeback, I’ would have laughed in your face. It wasn’t that they were too quaint-librarian, or that they weren’t flattering or practical enough, it was more so that they were, well, BASIC—and I do mean that in its worst connotation. Cardigans were the sign that you’d given up—that taking the time to style your outfit was either beneath you or lost on you. But whaaat a difference half a decade makes: Now, a cozy open-front sweater has transformed itself from a mall-store staple to a winter must-have and guess what? I love them!


The trick to keeping the look fashion-forward is—SHOCKER—all in the styling. I picked this Breton stripe cardigan in JCrew this weekend. The style is called Jackie tie neck cardigan Its made in a soft , warm Merino wool.  The Bow detail around the neck makes it so feminine I can totally see this cardigan becoming one of the go-to pieces in my closet.

You can wear it with jeans, pants or a high waisted pencil skirt and classic pumps to the office. The sweater was definitely too hot for Miami but I will be wearing it all the time when I’m back in London. I also got it in a beautiful camel and beige color.

Im wearing it with ripped up Frame jeans ( I love the trashy and classy contrast), the Tod’s loafers give it that preppy look, I loved how these fab Celine Joe sunglasses brought the whole look together.

JCrew  Cardigan here
Frame Jeans here (60% off )
Celine Joe Sunglasses here (Discounted)
Tods loafers here









This comfortable, cotton maxi dress  by Pitusa will be your new go-to beach cover-up! A staple piece for every girl’s closet.

Im wearing one of my fav. bags with this outfit. Its called a Wayuu bag,  these bags are hand woven bags made by Wayuu tribe women,  located at northern coast of Colombia. The intricate tribal designs and colors represents the natural elements. The bags are made with twisted cotton thread and crochet, each bag is a unique one of a kind that takes 20-25 days to make. Effortless with ample room for essentials.

Way bags many color options here
Pitusa Inca dress all color options here



Life is all about turning points. Some people don’t embrace them, because they fear change – but I’ve learned to see shifts in success and nails in the road as huge opportunities. Turning points, while they often come from moments of darkness, can steer us in the direction of great light… or lightbulb moments.


These pictures were taken in Miami Beach.. I went to college down here and then moved to Europe. This buildings are across the street from the beach. South Beach’s Art Deco District is the largest concentration of 1920s and 1930s architecture in the world, as you walk South Beach along Ocean Drive, looking straight out onto the Atlantic you enjoy Miami’s retro-fabulous style.

A laid-back, vacationer’s attitude influenced the Miami spin on Art Deco—buildings are painted stark white or in maritime pastels, like coral and aquamarine.


Over the christmas/ New Years holidays, I have been able to completely relax away from the hectic strains of work life in London and that got my creative brain juices flowing.  I got a real big rush of inspiration to create a blog and document  my everyday lifestyle, work, travel and outfits.

Im not sure where this will go, but Adventure is very much a part of my DNA and I cant wait to find out. Wanna join? :))


My personal style is all about that feminine effortless-chic attitude – investing in great basics and being clever about mix and matching. I want to simplify everything because when you don’t have to think about what you’re wearing, you can get on with what really matters. The clothes I love are timeless. Comfort is crucial, as I feel that when something is comfortable , it has sensuality and it brings out the best in you.


The easiest way to cover-up your bikini in style is with a flowy Kimono. Something that doesn’t trap in the sand. I love this Pitusa brand since I discovered it this past summer in Ibiza. All their clothes is made from a super lightweight Peruvian cotton, and they feature a fabulous Inca trim detailing. Throw it on over your swimsuit for the perfect beach look.


I still have a week in Miami before I head back to London. Ill be sharing with you guys my life everyday here on the blog, so if you like it come back tomorrow and check for more.

Do you girls have any other ideas of how I can style this Kimono and make it look cool? :))) Let me know in the comments ..

kisses –  MT

I am  5’6″ and I’m wearing a size standard.
Pitusa Kimono – Hot Pink here