Hi there!

My name is Maria Teresa Lopez (full blown latin name, I know). I was born & raised in the Dominican Republic & attended University in Miami. After graduating I have lived in many places including  Greece, London, Biarritz then I moved to Paris & fell in love with the way Parisians mix a couture jacket with a vintage white t-shirt, or the coolest Balmain dress with undone hair and barely there makeup.


My personal style is all about that feminine effortless-chic attitude – investing in great basics and being clever about mix and matching. I want to simplify everything because when you don’t have to think about what you’re wearing, you can get on with what really matters. The clothes I love are timeless. Comfort is crucial, as I feel that when something is comfortable , it has sensuality and it brings out the best in you.


It was my mom who shaped my definition of femininity. As a single parent , she brought me up and instilled in me the belief that you can do it all. You can be feminine and strong, and be able to do everything on your own without anyone else’s help. She taught me that femininity is strong, king, caring, driven, ambitious and confident.


For me feminity is a women who knows her power but doesn’t allways choose to excersise  it. A women who’s confident enough about her own place in the world, she can let her guard down without fear of intrusion. A femenine women doesn’t have to come over as aggressively sexual- her sexuality is affirmed by her confidence in herself. Its expressed through her personal accents in her dress and her style that become part of her allure.

Traveling, fashion & turning ideas into reality are my passion.  This blog is home to all of my fashion and lifestyle tastes.

Drop me a line, join in the conversation with me. I cant wait to meet you!


Lets have some fun!!  xxx

Maria Teresa