Manolo Blahnik Pumps under $250


Here is Fridaaaaayyyyy!!!  a day were I have exhausted my mental powers all week and by now anything I wear goes along in the “Zero fucks given” bucket.  This outfit right here is the perfect example and a very important lesson I want to share with you. Why?

Take a close look at what I am wearing. Break down my wardrobe and the style rules I  live by begin to crystalize. Theres really nothing special about this outfit, its rather plain and basic.  Im wearing ripped jeans, a slouchy t-shirt, a denim jacket, hair is all over the place and minimal makeup. Agree?


However, you look at me as a whole – and it still looks well put together – laid back but still chic. Secret?  Its ALL in the accessories. The Manolo Blahnik yellow pumps,  the vintage Chanel bag and the oversized glasses is making this outfit go from nothing to everything.

You will find yourself getting 10 times more use out of staple, investment pieces than cheaply made bargain finds.


For a long time, I never spent more than about $150 on a pair of shoes.. I  simply refused, based on principle, and on my love for thriftiness and allways finding a deal. Really is a $600 shoe that much more high-quality than a $100 shoe?


And I’m here to share with you, ladies, an unfortunate truth: Expensive shoes really are better than cheap ones.


# 1. They’re more comfortable: Lets face it, stilettos are rarely if ever comfortable, this Manolo Blahnik pair is without a doubt the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. Because the construction quality is so high, and the quality of the leather is too, the way the foot drop is made it makes your foot feel comfortable. Even though the heel is not that high, perfectly crafted pointed toe gives the  illusion of super long legs.


#2 They feel much more stable. What’s truly amazing about a well-crafted stiletto is that it makes you feel like you’re not walking on a stabby rod of metal, when in fact you are. I remember when I used to buy Steve Madden shoes, mostly resulted in me wobbling around like a maniac. This Manolo Blahnik pumps, they feel much more stable.


#3. They magically withdraw compliments from others. ( I swear!)

As much as I don’t want to believe it’s true, expensive shoes just look better. If you buy a good pair of expensive heels, they tend to look expensive, which just equals  looking sleek, well-made, and stylish.

It’s payday this weekend!!! and you will run to the store to buy a cute piece at Zara or at Asos. Before you do that think about… think about  it real hard. Eliminate all impulse buying. Instead invest your hard-earned, hard-saved money in a piece that you won’t regret come next season.


I’ve done all the hard work of you, so you don’t have to do it. Here are my favorite pre-loved Manolo Blahnik pumps under $250!!  Happy Shopping


The best piece of advise I can give you is:  Invest in quality shoes .  I promise they will make all your outfits look BOMB – no matter the occasion.


I understand designer shoes are too expensive sometimes at $600 plus each, not everyone can afford that kind of money. I get it!


What you can do is buy it pre-loved.  Take for example this  Manolo Blahnik BB suede pumps. Killer right?


They retail for $620 with tax. You can find them for under $250 pre loved, thats over 60% sometimes 70%  off. You can find them at online retailers that specialize in pre loved designer items.

Ive rounded up and curated my favorite  pre-loved Manolo Blahnik finds under $250 !!!! for you. See below.

Happy Shopping this weekend! xxx

manolo blahnik bb suede pump royal blue maria teresa lopez

Manolo Blahnik BB Pump Royal Blue $195 at Consign of the Times Miami (they are like new)


Manolo Blahnik BB Pump Yellow at Consign of The Times Miami under $250 (call them they ship to you, saw these in person they are in like new conditions too)



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