Its been a while since I  wore a sheath dress, but this vintage Valentino dress was perfect for Thanksgiving occasion. I love the sartorial structure & contouring style of this type of dress. Its fitted to the body and under the knee making it super flattering on the figure & ultra feminine.  I think if you’re going to invest in a dress that you can wear over and over again in different occasions a sheath dress from Valentino or Dior is the way to go. Designer dresses are made with the best craftmanship, therefore have a beautiful fit that fall perfectly on the body. I found the same Valentino dress super affordable in black here  and in red here. This one is in wool so its super warm & perfect for winter months.


For the day time I wear it with my hair up, in a messy bun and nude lipstick to keep it casual. For night time, I would wear this  with nude pumps to elongate the legs and a bold red lipstick. This type of dress is also perfect for work, if you need to attend an important meeting in the office or outside the office, its can be worn with a thin cardigan belted at the waist for a streamlined shape. I’ve put together a list below of Valentino, Dior & Dolce & Gabbana sheath dresses that you can shop for now. Enjoy!


Vintage dresses from Valentino and Dior under $250.

Valentino Red Dress, Dior Black dressValentino Gray dress, Pink Valentino Dress, Valentino black lace dress



Its been a few weeks since I last made a post on the blog. I have been focusing on Youtube videos more lately, because I really enjoy it and I feel like you guys can get to know me better on Youtube. But I’ve missed sitting down and writing on my blog, its like meditation for me, my happy place where I get to sit and spend time with myself.


Im making it a point to put more of the “things that make me happy” in my schedule, so I’ll be making posts here every other day, mainly about the outfits I am wearing and different ways you can style the same piece.


For me  it comes to everyday dressing, I like the less-is-more approach, I like to be both comfortable and look chic. Monochrome gray is one of my favorite go-to outfits when it gets chilly. Its a simple color that can be worn in so many different ways.


I fell in love with this super affordable chunky gray sweater from H&M, it has the most flattering fit on your body. Its an exquisite & timeless design that you can use season after season. 10% of its composition its wool, making it so soft & cozy. I paired it up with gray distressed jeans also from H&M (here). I like these jeans because they are high-waisted shaping jeans made to tuck and keep in place those unwanted little rolls ( I show you how this Youtube video).


To finish the look, I broke the monochrome  off with a tan suede jacket (similar here and  here), I wore nude suede pumps (similar here and more affordable here), which are my favorite. They’re so comfortable because the heel isn’t very high.  This outfit can also be worn dressed down with sneakers or slip-ons, no matter what the weather is like.


I wrapped up the look by pairing it with this beautiful Gucci Dionysus Blooms bag just-in at  Consign of The Times, brand new bag selling for 25% off Boutique Retail price. If you’ve been obsessing over the Dionysus bag this is def. a good opportunity grab one just in time for the holiday season.


1. H&M Gray chunky knit sweater
2. H&M jeans
3. Pumps tan suede (similar here and more affordable here)
4. Suede Moto Jacket ( here and Asos more affordable version here)

5. Gucci Dionysus Blooms bag 

Happy Sunday babes!


As it begins to get colder, I’m relishing the fact that it’s officially cool enough to embrace layering again, a red coat is one one of those timeless staples, that gives an instant “wow!” effect to anything you layer it with. While there are plenty very cool trends this season of wardrobe updates your closet needs for fall—from sparkly boots to patent leather jackets to denim and so much more—topping it all off with the perfect jacket is key. Right now I’m going to  through life transitional changes, where I am clearing out my closet of everything I have not worn for 1 year, it my time to de-cluter. I want to make sure I only end up with a very small capsule collection of really well made pieces that represent me and my style.


While I am wearing a very basic white James Perse t shirt  (similar here) and frame denim jeans, I dress the look up by wearing it with these Gianvito Rossi suede pointy ankle-booties and this gorgeous Gucci coat ( affordable version  here and  here). When you go to recreate this look make sure you cuff up your jeans, until they are right at the ankle bone, this ads and extra depth, makes your legs look longer and shows off your shoes!


I have hunted the internet for the best wool & cashmere winter coats in red so you dont have to. Below you have everything from the new Burberry trench coat in butter soft cashmere, to a fabulous pre-loved wool coat from Balmain or Maxmara all the way to more affordable choices at Asos and Revolve.



Here is Fridaaaaayyyyy!!!  a day were I have exhausted my mental powers all week and by now anything I wear goes along in the “Zero fucks given” bucket.  This outfit right here is the perfect example and a very important lesson I want to share with you. Why?

Take a close look at what I am wearing. Break down my wardrobe and the style rules I  live by begin to crystalize. Theres really nothing special about this outfit, its rather plain and basic.  Im wearing ripped jeans, a slouchy t-shirt, a denim jacket, hair is all over the place and minimal makeup. Agree?


However, you look at me as a whole – and it still looks well put together – laid back but still chic. Secret?  Its ALL in the accessories. The Manolo Blahnik yellow pumps,  the vintage Chanel bag and the oversized glasses is making this outfit go from nothing to everything.

You will find yourself getting 10 times more use out of staple, investment pieces than cheaply made bargain finds.


For a long time, I never spent more than about $150 on a pair of shoes.. I  simply refused, based on principle, and on my love for thriftiness and allways finding a deal. Really is a $600 shoe that much more high-quality than a $100 shoe?


And I’m here to share with you, ladies, an unfortunate truth: Expensive shoes really are better than cheap ones.


# 1. They’re more comfortable: Lets face it, stilettos are rarely if ever comfortable, this Manolo Blahnik pair is without a doubt the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. Because the construction quality is so high, and the quality of the leather is too, the way the foot drop is made it makes your foot feel comfortable. Even though the heel is not that high, perfectly crafted pointed toe gives the  illusion of super long legs.


#2 They feel much more stable. What’s truly amazing about a well-crafted stiletto is that it makes you feel like you’re not walking on a stabby rod of metal, when in fact you are. I remember when I used to buy Steve Madden shoes, mostly resulted in me wobbling around like a maniac. This Manolo Blahnik pumps, they feel much more stable.


#3. They magically withdraw compliments from others. ( I swear!)

As much as I don’t want to believe it’s true, expensive shoes just look better. If you buy a good pair of expensive heels, they tend to look expensive, which just equals  looking sleek, well-made, and stylish.

It’s payday this weekend!!! and you will run to the store to buy a cute piece at Zara or at Asos. Before you do that think about… think about  it real hard. Eliminate all impulse buying. Instead invest your hard-earned, hard-saved money in a piece that you won’t regret come next season.


I’ve done all the hard work of you, so you don’t have to do it. Here are my favorite pre-loved Manolo Blahnik pumps under $250!!  Happy Shopping


The best piece of advise I can give you is:  Invest in quality shoes .  I promise they will make all your outfits look BOMB – no matter the occasion.


I understand designer shoes are too expensive sometimes at $600 plus each, not everyone can afford that kind of money. I get it!


What you can do is buy it pre-loved.  Take for example this  Manolo Blahnik BB suede pumps. Killer right?


They retail for $620 with tax. You can find them for under $250 pre loved, thats over 60% sometimes 70%  off. You can find them at online retailers that specialize in pre loved designer items.

Ive rounded up and curated my favorite  pre-loved Manolo Blahnik finds under $250 !!!! for you. See below.

Happy Shopping this weekend! xxx

manolo blahnik bb suede pump royal blue maria teresa lopez

Manolo Blahnik BB Pump Royal Blue $195 at Consign of the Times Miami (they are like new)


Manolo Blahnik BB Pump Yellow at Consign of The Times Miami under $250 (call them they ship to you, saw these in person they are in like new conditions too)





They say a good blazer is a staple in everyone’s wardrobe! On a fall day in Miami, I wore this stunning Balmain blazer to a meeting. It was one of those meetings where I needed all the confidence I could get, and I definitely had my moment.


Lets just say I was not feeling too dandy on this day. I was actually a bit down, it was one of those days where its even difficult getting out of bed, let alone talking to a group of people and being enthusiastic in presenting a project idea.  I had worked very hard for this meet up, so I needed to snap our of it QUICKLY.


When you’re working hard toward a goal,  life cannot just stop because you’re having a bad day. Under a circumstance like this –  the most common course of action is to pick up the phone and call your boyfriend / girlfriend or a family member looking for that moment of comfort. 99% of the times they’ll say:


“Don’t worry about it babe.. You’re lucky, it’ll go well !” or they’ll give you a little pep  talk and wish you “Good luck!”.


Let me tell you something right now: There is NO such thing as “Good Luck!”,  if you don’t work your FACE off and grind hard every single day, doing whatever it takes to EXECUTE on your goals, they will not happen. And thats a fact!

Success is a combination of confidence in who you are as a person and a culmination of many small things that you successfully execute over a period of time.


When you’re feeling down, find that fire that lives within you, you have the choice to use it to your advantage or not. The choice is yours! Lack of confidence comes from frustration of not having something you really really want.


The antidote to frustration is ACTION. Make every minute of the day count. Take a small action towards reaching your goals. Send that DM message, reach out to that person via email. It doesn’t matter how small it is, do it.  As you accomplish each task your self confidence will grow.


There is no such thing as actual reality; there is only your perception of reality. For example, 2 people could attend the same event, see the same people and see the same circumstances, but have entirely different perceptions of the event. Our perception of circumstance is our only reality, you can control your emotions, and therefore control your reality.


Have patience & stay focused, you’re in this for the long haul.  Dont give a f*ck of what people think about you. Focus on building something for yourself and stop comparing yourself to what other people are doing, how many followers they have, where are they traveling to, how is their business doing. It doesn’t freaking matter. Focus on building YOU and what you want to achieve.


You can sit with a friend and chat for hours about all your ideas. Ideas are shit if you don’t execute on them. Instead of spending 2 hours watching a Netflix series or taking the entire afternoon off, because one of your meetings got cancelled. Take that time to take action and launch that project you’ve been thinking of doing for a long time, set up a meeting with a client you’d love to work with. Just do it.


I know so many people that don’t even start acting on something they want to do, because of their fear of failure and rejection. If it was easy everyone would do it. I hear so many people saying “I really want this”, or “I really wish I could do that”….You really want it but you don’t recognize the action that it takes to get there.


Of course I have my days where I hit rock bottom. But what I told you above – Is exactly  the mental shift I work on every single day of my life to feed that fire and confidence inside me. I really hope it helps you too.


The feeling of being 80 years old and having regrets that you didnt try it, its the worse of them all.



Make sure your outfit makes you feel secure & pretty, this will help in making you feel more confident when you’re feeling low.  If you need to crush it at a work meeting, a well tailored blazer can take you far. Trust me  I felt like Wonder Woman the moment I put on this Balmain Blazer.  The flattering padded shoulders emphasize its sculped-in waist, making you feel very empowered and feminine. Its a modern day “Power” piece.


Lets face it the moment you step into a room, immediately people are forming some sort of impression of you. They’re making quick judgments about what type of person you are — Capable, sincere, trustworthy…. And a lot of this is based on how you carry yourself.


If you appear genuinely confident, people will be more inclined to give you the attention and respect that you deserve. If you appear insecure and uncomfortable, people may be quick to dismiss you.

Body language is a CRUCIAL part of communication, in fact NON-VERBAL cues represent 55% of our communication, vocal inflection 38% and our words only constitute 7%.  Did you know that?


Self-confidence is a skill. It is something that you can learn how to exude, even by making simple changes to your physical movements.


Don’t slouch, stand up straight, square off your shoulders. It communicates you’re coming from a position of power and confidence. Stop fidgeting: playing with your hair, touching your face, this is a dead giveaway that you’re feeling uncomfortable.


The list is so much longer, but these are a few points. If you want to learn about quick fixes you can make to appear more self-assured and the power of nonverbal communication and how anyone can use it to their advantage. Let me know in the comments section below.


For anyone reading, who is dealing with feeling down or with a lack of motivation in general, please feel free to comment below and lets discuss ways to deal with how you’re feeling. I feel too many people are feeling alone and frustrated with how to attain their dreams & desires. Some people have just graduated college and don’t know what to do now, some others are stuck in a job they hate and feel there is no way out. Others are frustrated with a certain situation at work, that they dont know how to deal with.  I’d love to form a discussion as to how we all can deal with lack of motivation and help others who are struggling.